Colored Hair and Scalp Care Routine: Dandruff with Dyed Hair

by | 2021-03-30

Yes, you read it right ! You can now have a dandruff free scalp while still having healthy strands- no brittleness, no breakage! How? Through AROMASE 5α Juniper product line! 


Fashion Forward: Are You Ready for Sustainable Jewelry?

by | 2021-03-22

Some people would describe fashion as trendy or classy, and even at times trashy! But guess what? Trashy is no longer a bad thing, what if trash is transformed into a luxurious and elegant jewelry? To be specific, if fish scales are transformed into fashion pieces it will look like this:

Going Camping - The Best Places In Oz

by | 2020-06-08

There is something so life-affirming about camping. Sleeping under the stars, the dewy mornings, and hearing things that shuffle around in the night. Most of the enjoyable camping places are off the beaten track. But there are a lot of things that you have to think about when choosing where you are going to camp. Are you up for a challenging drive?


How To Prepare For A Road Trip?

by | 2020-01-08

Whenever I get a little break, I always want to make the most out of it. Some people like to sit around and just relax in their own homes while some including myself like to get up and get out.


I Do To Cobalt Blue

by | 2019-12-16

Blue has always been a favorite color. I find its various shades has various effects! Light blues make me feel calm  while vibrant blues re-energize me! For this article, I'm styling a cobalt blue that surely gives a boost and is no doubt an attention grabber! See the looks here!


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