A Guide to Faux Fur

by | 2018-03-01

My last article talked about a pair of ankle boots that says nothing but spring colors! But I guess I got a little bit too excited. We had the sun, the warmth but all it was is a tease! It was slightly disappointing but what can I do? Rather than rant about it, I actually try to make the best out of it like wearing this faux fur coat from Zara! Some of you who follow me on Instagram have commented a few times about this coat and what a perfect time to feature it just before we bid goodbye to the cold and hello to spring…I hope!

 When I first saw this coat, I was unsure of purchasing it. Faux fur is always border line for me as it can be really classy or really trashy but then isn't that the fun bit of styling? Also, to my surprise, I have actually used this coat to many of my shoots as it is so soft, warm and comfy. The styles below are actually a collection of various shoots!

 So let me now share with you how I styled it and let me know if it is classy or trashy? 

LOOK ONE: Elegant

Worn with this asymmetrical dress and the striking green boots, this outfit is surely one to make a statement! The soft texture of the coat flows together with the smooth satin material of the dress and the boots. This is a case of playing with textures more than the colors. This style fits perfect for special occasions or days that requires elegance!


LOOK TWO: Playful

I think the coat goes well with this ensemble but this time because of the colors rather than the texture. The gray-blue hues can look monotone and this coat breaks that. This was taken just over an afternoon tea or when meeting with friends for lunch!


As oppose to Look Two, for this I'm trying to achieve a harmonious flow of color. I have used different hues of brown which keeps the look professional. The polka dots (as it always do) brings a fun element and the bow in the top somehow reminds me of women in the work force. 


Now that you have seen all three, I won't get offended if some come across as trashy or at least one that is classy?? Let me know, I'm so curious to hear your thoughts and thanks you!


Zara: Faux Fur Coat

Happy Styling


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