Animal Instincts

by | 2018-11-26

There is no doubt that any fashionista knows that animal print is in trend -  just like last year, the year before and even the year before that! To be honest, I was never a big fan of this trend as somehow it comes across to me as cheap and tacky. However, I'm feeling more adventurous this time and challenged myself to style this trend.

One of the reasons that makes me think this trend is tacky is when one wears it too much. I do not mind print on print but when it becomes monochrome then it looks like a Halloween costume! Hence, when I styled the looks below I kept in mind to mix and match resulting to a chic and stylish vibe.

Please note that no animal was harmed in this shoot and that everything is faux leather.  :) 


Look One: Snake Print

Animal prints come in various styles and forms depending on your chosen animal. For this look it is the snake print as a over the knee boots and a belt bag! I have chosen this as it is edgy and classy. The brown tones can be easily blended with many colors and for this case, orange - to brighten up the dark Canadian winter!


I must say that it is a bold look as orange alone is a vibrant color. The stripes in the skirt and the slit surely toned the look down making it sexy and modern.



Look Two: Zebra Print

This is one of my favorite looks as it is edgy yet feminine. The touch of yellow in this dress made it easy for me to style! I effortlessly transformed the dress into a jacket by wearing a yellow turtleneck underneath. To complete the look, I matched it with my white boots and bag (black would look nice as well) and a pair of zebra print earrings! Again I was worried that it might be too much zebra so the yellow glasses perfectly 'broke' the look.



Look Three: Leopard Print

I love this print as it did not come with the usual brown shade or the common black and white shade. It is red! Though red is not my ideal color I still bought this as it is so chic and fitting to the holidays coming. I went quite adventurous with this look as I have mixed three types of prints- stripes, leopard and snake! But I guess it all blended well as each piece has a black imprint somewhere! As a final touch, I put on this vibrant red coat that completed the look.



Would you wear this animal print trend and how would you style it? Which look do you see yourself wearing or like?



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Happy Styling


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