Colored Hair and Scalp Care Routine: Dandruff with Dyed Hair

by | 2020-07-30

I love coloring my hair! However, it makes my scalp dry and sensitive with dandruff.

With my regular hair recoloring and daily use of hair products, I suffered from a dry scalp or in other words, dandruff!

There are countless products in the market for dandruff and I have tried what feels like all of them. Although they got rid of the flakes and itchiness, they would also make my hair strands a whole lot weaker causing them to break and hair loss. 

Choosing the correct scalp care shampoo for colored Hair.

Choose a shampoo mark with gentle scalp care, such as:

•   pH5.5

•   Silicone Free

•   Sulfate Free (SLS Free )

•   No Paraben

•   No Harsh Chemicals

•   Soap Free

•   Artificial Coloring Free

•   Amino Acid Surfactant

My scalp care routine with my colored hair. Searching for a product that would not only restore my scalp to its healthy state but protect my hair from dryness and breaking wasn't easy.. until AROMASE. And I  must say AROMASE scalp shampoo solved my problem immediately:  (You can also get your personal scalp care suggestions from AROMASE

I have an oily scalp (my hair gets greasy within a day after washing) and here is my scalp care routine to make sure it is healthy:   

Scalp deep cleaning/ 1-2 times every week ( For oily scalp)

5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo

  • Apply an ample amount of shampoo on dry scalp.
  • Massage delicately for 1-2 minutes.
  • Wet your hair and massage the scalp until it foams.
  • Finally, rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly.
  • Shampoo once again with daily care scalp shampoo to enjoy it's full benefit. And voila! 

Note: This shampoo is liquid so it's easy to apply!

And for daily use:

Scalp daily care / Everyday ( For oily scalp)

Anti-Hair Loss Essential Shampoo

*Shampoo twice every time

First, Remove the dirt and excess oils.

Second, Clean and massage the scalp.

Here are the overall benefits:

  • Scalp deep cleansing with Glycolic Acid- By enhancing the scalp's self-protective mechanism, it retains nutrition and its healthy state.
  • Ideal for Dermatitis-  Wipes out dandruff in a mild, gentle way by using citric acid and glycolic acid. It also relieves skin irritation and allergy without the inflammatory effect.
  • Ideal for dry scalp and psoriasis scalp - With aloe leaf, niacinamide-provitamin B3, Panthenol-Provitamin B5 and Glycerol as its main ingredients, the scalp is moisturized!
  • No chemical preservatives, No Paraben and Sulfates Free- Uses natural ingredients to cleanse and maintain a healthy scalp ecosystem. A formula that balances scalp sebum and oil production and can effectively relieve itchiness of the scalp. 

If you don't know your scalp type, here's a simple way to identify: 

  • Oily: Your hair gets greasy within 1 day since washing.
  • Neutral: Your hair gets greasy between 1- 2 days since washing.
  • Dry: Your hair doesn't get greasy after 3 days since washing. 

They have a line of products that will suit your scalp and hair type, check out AROMASE to see all. Each order comes with a checklist that will help you maximize all the benefits above in three simple steps! I strongly recommend you to get your personal scalp care routine suggestions from AROMASE, their customer service is professional and helpful.  And by the way, don't forget about the packaging! It is so luxurious in its green emerald bottles boxed elegantly with easy-to-read instructions! No wonder they've won several awards:

So what are you waiting for? Check them out and grab yours! 


Product: AROMASE Volumizing Essential Shampoo Kit (5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo 9.1 fl. oz.+ Hair Volumizing Essential Shampoo 14 fl. oz.)  

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