Celebrating the Colors of Marrakech Series - Green

by | 2019-04-14

My last article laid out the beauty basics of packing with a carry-on which I hope was useful to you. In this series, I will continue sharing my magical Marrakech trip by showcasing the chic outfits I have packed by color.

Marrakech is a colorful city. Surrounded by its vivid tiles and interesting arcs and shapes, it is easy to get inspiration. I was also informed that each color is a representation like red is feminine which relates to a happy marriage. If you want to know more about this symbolism, click here.

I brought several outfits in this trip that are breathable but at the same time conservative enough to show respect of the Ramadan period. Green is one of my favorite colors as it goes well with most complexion and easy to style. It is also said to represent heaven presumably because it is in between the reddish hell and the blue heaven based on Muslim belief. No wonder that my green dress photographed so well as you can see here:

One can noticed that the accessories match my shoes which are all various hues of yellow. Yellow and green combinations to me creates a stylish match!

What do you think of greens? Do you like this color and would you wear it? Stay tune as next week I will feature another color and more beautiful sights of Marrakech!



Happy Styling


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