Celebrating the Colors of Marrakech Series - Yellow

by | 2018-09-30

It has been awhile since the last time I blogged. Life has just been extremely busy but in a good way! I recently changed jobs, completed some fashion shoots on the side, transitioned my wardrobe from summer to autumn (which took ages!), and most importantly, spent quality time with great friends.  Things are now more settled and I can finally go back to my blog and continue my series of Celebrating the Colors of Marrakech. 

In my last blog, I featured a dark and vibrant green dress that really blend well with the beautiful architecture of Marrakech. You can check it out here. For this series, I'm featuring a coordinate set of various leaf prints composing mainly of greens and yellows. The entire outfit is from Forever21. I think this is best worn outdoor as a resort outfit as it blends well with nature. In fact, I have worn the same outfit once is a garden exhibition and few bees landed on my top thinking that it is part of the exhibition.

I have styled this look in two ways and I would say both are chic but one is more conservative while the other is more carefree!


LOOK ONE: Chic and Conservative

 I visited Marrakech during Ramadan and dressing appropriately (whenever I'm out of the hotel) is of prime importance. This is actually how this look came about.


The pants have two slits one for each leg as you will see in Look Two. To make it conservative, I tied the slits together that fashionably created a flowy and comfy. I matched it with this ribbed yellow top from Zara as it coordinates nicely with my mustard knotted hairband. I particularly brought this hair accessory as it gives me some Moroccan vibes!



LOOK TWO: Chic and Carefree 

 In comparison to Look One, it is easy to see why I think this look is carefree! This time, I used the actual top that comes with the pants. This look is too revealing during the Ramadan period but I still brought it with me as I know that it will look great with the colors of Angsana Riads Collection, where I stayed. We have been informed that within the premises of the hotel, it is all right to dress as one would normally in a hot country. Of course, normal for me must be stylish, lol:



With Look One, I purposely brought the hair band to elevate the outfit. For Look Two, the extra long tasseled earrings from RTBP serves the same purpose. There is no doubt to me that what makes this look outstanding is credited to this earrings. And the best thing about it is one can customized the length and colors of this earrings! If you are interested, you can check out her shop here.

Hope you had fun reading this and watch out for the next one, I'll be styling blues and browns.



Happy Styling


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