Cold Romance

by | 2018-12-06

Winter this year arrived so fast! Just one evening and then suddenly it is all cold and snowy! But it is not that bad as it can be pretty and picturesque- imagine a white Christmas! But my concern is more about all my beautiful clothes dedicated for autumn, I did not have enough time to wear them all! Do I have to wait till next year to wear these gorgeous pieces? Or I can be creative and sashay them now? This is my Cold Romance with the winter season.

Winter is a challenging season to dress up especially here in Canada where it can be harsh.  But I have learned that layering is the key! And it can actually be a fun activity to mix and match, it often brings out the creativity in me! To keep me warm and fashionable (of course!), I use a lot of Uniqlo's HeatTech thermals as they are thin and practical - they come in various cuts and colors that can work with various styling. These thermals allowed me to wear my autumn pieces over winter without freezing to death. Check out what I came up below!


Look One: Rainbow Bright

I love this maxi dress from Zara as it can surely brighten up any dark gloomy winter day! The colorful stripes just remind me of the rainbow and hence the name Rainbow Bright!  I would normally wear this during spring as the material is not for winter, however, HeatTech comes to the rescue! If you look closely, you can actually see a silhouette of the thermals.

Look Two: Frozen Animal

As oppose to the first look, this look is surely less colorful but equally stylish I think. Look One is more playful while this is on the classy side! To make it fashionable, I coordinated it with my animal print scarf that blends well with this cute Parisian style hat. And since the scarf is already animal print, I decided to do the same with my boots. I think matching two different animal prints is so chic, what do you think?

Look Three: Icy Red

This last look I would say is the combination of both Look One and Two! It is colorful but still very classy! The golden thread against the red fabric makes the dress perfect for any upcoming holiday party. I even elevated the glam look by wearing this statement earring that are extra long and ombre! And of course I can't help but share this super cute crab bag that suitably matches the bag. 


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Happy Styling


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