Discover the Sunny Side of Life: Mesmerizing Maldives

by | 2017-05-17

Maldives tourism slogan is: Sunny all year long, Waves like nowhere else, Underwater beauty like paradise! Visit Maldives for a perfect holiday, and this is exactly was my experience and I long to re-lived it over and over again without hesitation!

Growing up on an island, I know that packing for an island trip is always light and minimal... as I'll be underwater scuba diving most of the time anyways. However, Maldives was an exception. Not because I didn't scuba dive, oh I did and I did a lot!  The underwater world of Maldives is magical… it is like the most colorful, vibrant fashion show you'll ever witness. From the vivid and playful colors of nudibranches to the graceful dance of the manta rays and of course, the thrills and frills of the weird but cool cuttlefish!

Having said that, I must say that the surface is as equally colorful and stunning as the deep. I'm not only talking about the landscapes, but moreover, I'm talking about the locals. Maldivians themselves. This group of happy individuals are undoubtedly the ones responsible for making this island a paradise.

Enough talk for now as I'm excited to Crayonized your screen with a palette of Maldivian colors!


Above water: (The Banyan Tree and Angsana)



The Amazing Maldivians

The Colors of Paradise





Happy Styling


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