End Of Summer Blues and I wore it literally

by Patricia-Ann Que | 2017-09-14

This year is my first transitional experience of summer to autumn and I'm both curious and excited about it! I did a bit of research to make sure that I'm ready for this change and in doing so I found out End of Summer Blues. It's not a song or a poem J, but a mindset that the end of summer signifies the end of fun. For many people and I can see that. Who would want to let go of the sun and summer activities especially colorful summer looks?

We're only few weeks away until the end of summer and I will not allow myself to feel blue about it as it is life's natural cycle, however, I can wear it to look stylish and feel happy!



As you can see, it's another maxi dress and just like most of my outfits, it's versatile. What I like about this dress is the subtle ruffles in the front. Ruffles is everywhere this season and oftentimes, I find them too big or too much.  This one here is just the right size and volume that it will never go out of trend; it is just a classic staple. The floral print flaunts the dress femininity and summery look while the royal blue makes it almost autumnal, in other words, this is a good transitional dress.



This is perfect for particular places like Ottawa, Canada especially this month when it can be 30C this week and 15C next week. When it gets cooler, all I need to do is wear a denim jacket and boots! By the way, as you can see, the front is lined with buttons from chest down to the knee that is so stylish with knee high boots!




Lastly, just want to share a shot where the shoot took place as it is green and beautiful. It is at Oak Valley, New Orleans.


Happy Styling


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