Fab with Plaids

by | 2018-03-12

Fashion takes form in different sizes and styles. Some come with a grand entrance but also exit instantly. We call this as trends. And there are some that come subtly and stay and become staples. We call this as classics.

I'm very excited to feature this item as it is both a classic and a trend! This skirt from Zara is easily becoming a favorite as it is easy to style and wear for various occasions, characteristics of something classy. The length and the pleats also make it refined. But at the same time it is trendy because of the various plaids used and the double side buckles, it makes it very modern.

Check out the buckles and the different plaids:

I would say that the three looks below are more classy than trendy as I prefer styles that are versatile. Which one is your favorite? Do you go for trend or stay classy? Please leave your comments below!


Look One: The Fashionista

This look is a sure attention grabber! The black turtleneck makes it look edgy while the blue velvet boots nicely flows with the skirt's heavy material. I accessorize it with this statement necklace and fringe bag that both depict the colors in the skirt. I would wear this anywhere, anytime, for work or for going to the pub!


Look Two: The Playful

What makes this look fun is the glittered dinosaur applique in the shirt and this statement earrings! It is actually the same base as Look One except that I dropped off the necklace and put on over the turtleneck this cute shirt! I also threw a red trench coat that creates a good contrast with the earrings plus it keeps me very warm! This fun casual look is for good casual occasions like exploring the city or meeting with friends.


Look Three: The Comfy

Sticking to the same base, I transformed this same pairing of black turtleneck and plaid skirt into something more comfy, as opposed to Look One that is edgy. By layering it with this blue over size sweater, the look is suddenly more approachable, more comfortable. To complete the look, I match it with this unmatched earrings to keep the overall look slightly naught but still comfy!


Happy Styling


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