Fall In Love this Fall with Knee High Boots

by | 2017-10-12

As a new comer to Canada, this is my first fall and I'm really excited to experience it! Although I have seen a lot of it on TV and online, being immersed in the environment is just different. My first Halloween, first Thanksgiving and even my first pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice latte! I also learned that as we ease into it, my wardrobe will also go into this transition. And this is really exciting to me!

I love styling and this transition is another opportunity for me to be creative, to be experimental and to have fun. Bonus, perhaps some shopping too. But I'm quite lucky as I was able to go shopping without spending a dime, received a welcome gift from a good friend to start off my fall wardrobe.

So I said goodbye to my comfy flip flops and hello to my stylish moss green knee high boots! I'm personally not used to wearing boots but after I saw this pair, I definitely know that this is a staple for the entire season. Here are the three looks that I came up with:

Look One: Millennial Pink

The color trend for 2017 is Millennial Pink, which is the color of my velvet top. The top comes with a ribbon belt that forms a shape accentuating my waist. I felt that the boots will go well because there is contrast. To maintain this contrast, I paired it with this blush pleated skirt.  Completing the look, I added this colorful necklace to create a pop of color.  

Look Two: Velvet Red

Another trend that I noticed this year is velvet and the color red! Luckily I already have this dress shirt that I got back in Asia during Chinese New Year! The length of the dress is perfect with this boots and since it is a shirt, a scarf is needed to keep me warm! I love this infinity scarf as it is very soft, cozy and stylish. To keep it classy, the last touch is a long sophisticated earrings. 

Look Three: Printed Top

The 70's vibe is also back in fashion and this is the inspiration for my third look. The print just shouts to me retro and the best way to wear it is with this metallic mini skirt. I kept the look minimal as I still want it to be chic and modern.


Hope you enjoyed and I love to know what you think about it! Your comments mean a lot to me especially for this one being my first fall!

Happy Styling


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