Fall Trend: Check out the Check Pants

by | 2017-10-15

Checkered or plaids (not exactly sure of the difference) has been in fashion for ages. From the early 1500s when Scottish clans used it to distinguish themselves, to the 90's Clueless movie with Alicia Silverstone! And now, it is back again this fall with a grand entrance. Yet I still find this design challenging to style despite its historical transformations! These days checkered tends to be either a classic stylish essential or a tailor-made symbol of the 'hipster', not intended to offend anyone. Hence the inspiration of this article.

 I of course prefer the classic approach, especially if I'm wearing a well - made and luxurious Burberry checkered pants. The checkered is Burberry' signature design and it will be a crime to veer away from class! And as always, I only buy items that are versatile so I can wear it in various ways on different occasions.

Here are my three classic looks:

Look One: Triple Check

Who says you can't wear too much checkered? I wore three in one look! The trick is it should be of various checkered pattern within the same family color. My color reference is brown. The pants are mocha brown with thin red lines. This line though barely visible compliments the coat that is reddish brown. Notice how the checks of the coat is much smaller than the pants. 

The turtleneck is chocolate brown that matches both the coat and the pants. It creates a gradation of colors. The bag is with a light brown and black checkered that matches my sleek black oxfords. I love the bag because of its picnic box shape giving the look a playful touch. I would say that the overall look is professional and classy and is best for work or meetings.

Look Two: Classic Chic

This is one of my favorite looks of all time; it is chic and classy. The white off shoulder fitted top makes the look feminine and sexy while the white mule keeps it chic. I think this is suitable for weekend getaways or meeting with friends over an autumn lunch.


Look Three: Relaxed Check

The cut of the pants somehow reminds me of a retro look and hence I have paired it with one of my retro shirt and a large framed sunnies. Since this is a relaxed look, I decided to go all the way through; no make-up, no hair product. No make-up is not an issue to me so long I have sunblock. But no hair product makes me nervous; it always looks better styled. However, change is always good and giving my hair a break from chemical just makes it healthier! There is nothing much to say about this last look except anyone in a relax mood can wear it! And am I born in 1980? Around that time !-)



As always, I would love to know which look you like the most, and if you have a particular clothing or accessory that you want me to feature in three looks! As an addition, I would like to share some photos of the location and a new cute friend I made!


Happy Styling


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