Frozen Fashionista - Fun Style, Part Three

by | 2018-01-17

Though winter is not my favorite season, it does not mean I will stop having fun. This article is the last for the Frozen Fashionista series and I would like to wrap it up with this fun clothes that are colorful and will definitely keep you warm throughout the winter. If you missed out the other two series, you can check it out here:

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The featured piece this time is this vibrant warm blue coat from Mango. Some of you may remember my yellow coat featured in Hello Yellow, Hello Success, this is the same material only in blue. I love this coat as it is versatile like many of my pieces but most of all it is easy to style and really warm! This blue coat will surely bring you no winter blues but only warmth and admiration!

Look One: Blue and Pinks

Blue and pink are two of my favorite colors and it is not a surprise that putting them together produces a fun look! To keep a balanced and classy look, I used various shades of pink starting with a light pink for my scarf to a mid-tone for my top and a dark one for my trousers. This way the overall look is not too glaring. I wore a pair of black gloves to match the snow boots.

Look Two: Blue and Yellows

Pleated skirts is a favorite and a staple in my wardrobe. I find this kind of skirt very feminine and versatile that even during winter, I wear it! For this look I matched it with my mustard knitted top and blue handbag to compliment to coat. To keep it chic, I accessorized with my black statement necklace and a light pink beanie.

Look Three: Blue and Sequins

Sequins are always fun, and matching it with this blue coat just resonates playfulness! The dress compliments the coat as it has some blue-purple stripes. I completed the look with my cute clutch bag from ETSY.

What do you think of this blue coat and the three looks? Would you wear blue with this pinks or yellows? Let me know your thoughts and next article is all about maxi dresses!


Happy Styling


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