Frozen Fashionista - Glam Style, Part Two

by | 2018-01-11

As much as it is tempting to retire to a cozy blanket and binge on Netflix with this freezing winter, it is not really a great idea to hibernate like a bear and close your doors to social events. If you do, you can easily get big like a bear! But how can one socialize and look stylish while wearing snow boots and thermals? This article will show you how as I bring you Part Two of the three series of Frozen Fashionista:

Frozen Fashionista - Street Style, Part One
Frozen Fashionista - Glam Style, Part Two
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The key to staying warm is layering, so as a base I have worn Uniqlo HeatTech thermals in all the looks. As I have mentioned in my last article, these thermals are a Japanese-innovated technology that is bio warming (using your own body heat) and heat retaining. The particular piece I'm styling this time is this glam sequined gray skirt from Zara. I chose this skirt as sequins always brightens up any dark winter and is also perfect for glamming up!   

Look One: Sequins on Sequins

There is no doubt that this look can brighten up any dark winter or any dark room. The sparks are from head to toe but in a classy way, and I've used the skirt's gray color to match my dark silver sweater. To break the gray monotone look, I layered it with this gold sequined top that matches the earrings. At this point, I'm already wearing three layers and still look party ready!  

Look Two: Sequins and Scarf

Using the same base as Look One, I just added a bright green scarf to replace the gold sequined top and voilĂ , a new different look! The green scarf is surely a pop of color that just adds the right lit for a dark winter.

Look Three: Sequins and Sweater

For the last look, I paired my sequined gray skirt with the good old reliable sweater shirt from Pomelo. The sporty stripe of the shirt gives a playful and cozy feel while the sequins maintains the touch of glam. As you can see, it easily shines even abandoned cold places.

Hope you are staying warm and enjoyed the three looks! I would love to hear which one is your favorite and how you dress for this cold winter!

Please watch out next week for Part Three of the Frozen Fashionista series, I will be featuring some Fun Styles!




Happy Styling


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