Frozen Fashionista Series: Street Style, Part One

by | 2018-01-04

It is a new day, a new start and even a new year. The only thing that is not new is the freezing weather here in Ottawa, Canada. But this cold weather won't freeze my styling creations, in fact, it inspired me! I came up with several ideas that I have to feature them in three parts as follows:

Frozen Fashionista - Street Style, Part One
Frozen Fashionista - Glam Style, Part Two
Frozen Fashionista - Fun Style, Part Three


I always think that to be stylish it is necessary to be confident and comfortable with your outfit. And for this case, comfortable also means staying warm. Temperature here can go as low as -40 so one can't get away with the fluffy winter jacket that makes us all look like the Michelin tire and of course with its matching snow boots! It is not easy to look chic when you have to wear this but through color, accessories and the right mix of texture, I can guarantee that your style will be so hot it can melt the cold away! 

Look One: Flared Jeans

This extra flared jeans from Zara is an all- time favorite that I got myself 2 pairs! I have worn this over summer through autumn and winter won't stop me! However for winter, I had thermals underneath.  I matched it with this fuschia turtleneck from Uniqlo that has HeatTech - a Japanese innovated technology that is bio warming and heat retaining. I completed the look with a cute silver beanie, matching tasseled earrings from Mango, and of course my proud Canadian mittens from Hudson Bay Company.

I won't be able to pull this look without my super warm and practical NorthFace Coat and London Fog snow boots.

Look Two: Silver Skirt

Mini skirt over winter, why not? And even better to have it in silver! It can surely outshine winter's gloominess. To wear minis in this freezing winter, it is a must to layer with thermals as I did here. To balance the look, I paired it with this fun turtleneck and still with thermals underneath. The silver and gold stripes make a perfect match with the skirt. To wrap it up, I accessorized it with my tasseled silver back and earrings.

For look variations, I have experimented wearing it with a grey hoodie from Bench or a long white vest from Mango and I both like it!

Hope you enjoyed reading and watch out next week for Part Two of the Frozen Fashionista series!


Happy Styling


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