Hello Yellow, Hello Success

by | 2017-12-19

Once upon a time a curious girl landed in Canada in search for new adventures. She thinks Canada is beautiful abounding with cultural diversity and lots of potentials. But what amazed her most is the change of seasons as she has never encountered this, particularly the winter! Curious as ever, she wanted to explore and learn what the locals do. And what do most locals do over winter? Skiing and so she did ….


I tried and tried. I tried hard enough that I tore my left ACL! But hey, it was not that bad! As hinted by the subject, hello success. Where is the success then in having a bad knee? Time. I gained myself more time to study and to reflect.


Most of you know me here as a style hunter but offline, I'm actually a Project Manager. And as I progress my career in my new home Canada, I decided to take the Project Management Professional Certification (PMP). This involves a challenging four hour multiple choice exam whereby all options seem to be right! The post recovery of my knee reconstruction surgery allowed me to fully focus and prepare for the exam. It was difficult studying under medication as I was nauseous but I was determined to take on this challenge successfully. I decided to stop taking the meds and to endure the pain so I can study.


The exam date finally arrived. I remember my partner Jason, who is relentlessly patient and supportive, dropping me off the exam room. I walked with my crutches towards my assigned table with sweaty hands and heart pounding. I then took a deep breath and just concentrated on my exam.


Three hours and 45 minutes later, I got my result: passed with an above average scoring! I was so happy and inspired that the next few days, my knee recovery is also above average! I started walking without crutches, doing my exercises with more repetition and frequency and as of today, I finally can pedal the bike fully! I'm back on track!


In line with this successes, I would like to share some positive vibes through this vibrant yellow coat that brightens up any dark winter! Also sharing some moments of my journey to recovery. Hope you enjoy it!


Look One: Yellow and Black


I always think that yellow and black is a classic color combination. The contrast makes the look stylish and chic. I matched it with my tasseled necklace and earrings to add some playfulness and uniqueness.  I would wear this when meeting the girls or  on a date night.

Look Two: Yellow and Silver


A friend asked me once would I wear yellow on yellow and not look like Big Bird? I said yes so long you avoid feathers! In this look, I have worn a yellow sweater and the yellow coat! The sweater's neck is outlined with a subtle white that one can balance with a white or silver skirt. I opted for a silver skirt as I got the perfect booties to match it. I have worn this over fun family gatherings or afternoon tea events!


Look Three: Yellow and Prints


This winter, I noticed a lot of winter florals on dresses and trousers. I love it as seeing florals over the winter just adds life to the gloomy  winter. Plus it also matches my yellow coat very well! I accessorized the look with my printed clutch bag that makes the look edgy and sharp. This outfit is perfect if you work in a creative office or for lunch meetings.

And my Recovery Journey

Right after operation with my cuties:

A week after, bandage is off and feeling more confident with crutches:

Second week from operation day, I'm ready to party and celebrate my certificate, did you notice I'm wearing sneakers?

Now would you wear bright colors over winter?  And share with me which look inspires you most!


Happy Styling


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