How Can You Just Bite The Bullet And Travel?

by | 2018-11-11

Biting the bullet and travelling can be an extremely scary step, but it's something that could enrich your life to no end and help you to become a better person overall. But how can you just go for it? How can you stop thinking about it, and take a leap of faith? Below we have some pointers that will help anybody thinking of doing this! 

Stop Making Excuses


First of all, it's time to stop making your excuses. Listen to yourself and the limiting things you say that come up when you talk about travelling or think about travelling. Do you think you can't go because you have nobody to go with? Do you think money is an issue? That you can't leave your job? There's always a way, but you have to be open to them. Stop with the excuses and start with a can-do attitude!

Do Your Research

Time to start doing your research. If you have nobody to go with, learn as much as you can about solo travel, or research places like Wheel & Anchor where you can travel with a group. You can still enjoy the benefits of solo travel, with the benefits of travelling with a group this way. It's really something else. Read as much as you can, find free resources, watch youtube videos - do anything you can to learn more about what you'd have to do and get to grips with it.


Start Living Frugally

Living frugally will allow you to get some money behind you. You don't have to have huge savings to travel, although money does help. You can couchsurf to save money, work while you travel, and more. But it's always good to have that emergency fund there, just incase. Get rid of stuff you don't use to top up your funds too.


Discuss With Your Boss

If you don't want to just walk out of your job, discuss things with your boss. They may allow you to take a sabbatical, or some unpaid time off where you can return to your job afterwards. You don't know if you don't ask!


However, if once you ask you are told it's not possible, you'll need to weigh up the pros and cons. Travelling will potentially enrich your life and make you an even better employee in the future, so it could be a good idea to choose the former over the later.


See The Doctor

Go to see the doctor to make sure you're in good health and get any vaccinations you need. This will give you peace of mind.


Think About What It Could Do For You

Travelling can do a lot for just about anybody. Keep in mind what it will do for you. Look at some of the following for an idea:


What Will Happen:

  • You'll become more self aware
  • You'll learn how to better adapt to your surroundings
  • You'll learn to be in the present moment
  • You'll develop confidence like never before
  • You'll start appreciating all you have more


So what are you waiting for? Start planning now and explore the world…and yourself!

Happy Styling


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