How To Care For Your Clothes While Travelling

by | 2018-11-15

As exciting as travelling may be, it comes with a lot of stress too. You have to stick to a budget, get to the airport on time, and, of course, take care of your clothes. After all, you can't just nip home and grab a new shirt when yours becomes creased or dirty throughout the day. Instead, you have to look after what you've already got with you, ensuring that nothing gets damaged or stained, or you'll be left with nothing to wear. To make your life a little easier when you travel, and make sure that you always travel in style, here are seven ways to look after your clothes. 

Choose The Right Clothes

There's nothing worse than arriving on holiday only to realise that all of the clothing you have packed will leave you too hot or cold. To avoid unnecessary shopping trips, you should check the weather and pack accordingly. When you do this, you need to avoid any materials that are of particularly high-maintenance or wrinkle too easily. You should also skip natural fibres, as these take too long to dry. Instead, opt for durable, lightweight items that you can mix and match. 

Know How To Pack

Instead of packing a few hours before you have to catch your flight, you should give yourself a little extra time and pack your clothes the right way. Keep shoes at the bottom of your case and fill them with socks and tights so that they don't get crushed. You should then wrap these in bags to shop them dirtying other clothing items. Generally, rolling clothes, rather than folding them, leads to fewer wrinkles, so you should adopt this strategy with most other garments. 

Pick The Right Accommodation

Knowing that you have somewhere to wash your clothes can provide peace of mind during your trip away. With that in mind, you should choose your accommodation carefully and opt for somewhere that has laundry facilities. This could mean a family hotel in Morrocco or your own sewa ruko in Indonesia. If you can't find a hotel or hotel alternative with this service, then see if you can find somewhere with an affordable laundromat or cleaning company close by.

Pack A Laundry Room

If you can't find a suitable accommodation like mentioned above, then you need to pack enough cleaning products to do the job yourself in your hotel room. With the right equipment, you can turn any hotel bathroom into a cleaning command central, ensuring that all of your garments stay clean while you're away. All you really need is a rubber sink stopper, a clothesline, clothes pegs, and some laundry detergent. You can buy the detergent when you arrive or bring your own.  

Hang Your Clothes Up

Even with the rolling method, there's still a chance that your clothes could become creased during your journey. Instead of wasting precious holiday time ironing your entire wardrobe, you should just hang your clothes up when you arrive at your accommodation. Hopefully, after a few hours, any wrinkles that did appear will have fallen out. If you're still stuck with a stubborn crease here or there, then set up a clothesline in your bathroom and let them steam while you shower.


Keep Dirty Clothes Separate

One of the easiest ways to keep your entire suitcase from getting dirty is keeping the clothes that aren't clean away from the ones that are. Don't hang them up next to each other in the wardrobe and definitely don't throw them in your suitcase together, especially if your dirty clothes are damp too. Instead, bring a laundry bag with you and put all of your dirty clothes in there. Any that you can't clean before you go back home can be left inside the bag while in your suitcase.  

Treat Stains Right Away

Getting your favourite dress dirty halfway through your holiday is one problem, but staining it is a completely different issue. You can usually leave a bit of grime on your clothes until you have time to wash them, but the same can't be said for a stain. The longer a stain sits, the harder it becomes to remove, making it more and more likely that it will stay permanently. To avoid this, carry a stain remover pen with you and treat any stains as soon as they appear. And yes, it makes one more confident to wear white while travelling!


Running out of clothes is a travel nightmare, but it's one that can easily be avoided. All you need to do is take proper care of your clothing and clean dirty garments if and when they need cleaning.

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