Let's Celebrate and Paint The Town Red - Canadian Red!

by | 2017-06-28

I arrived in Canada as an immigrant last year and the first thing I noticed as I landed at Toronto Pearson Airport, was all the Canada 150 signs. I had few thoughts about it, perhaps it is a tourism slogan or some sort of campaign?

As I fast forward to now, we are only a few days away from celebrating Canada's 150th birthday  and the festivities are everywhere! In line with this, we, of course, would like to rock our outfits (despite the hot weather or rainy wet weather) and to stand out from the myriad of revelers wearing (naturally) Canada's official color: red and white. Here are some ideas you can play with as you get ready!

For a casual get up, a nautical vibe never goes out of style. Match it with a pair of ballerinas and you will not only be stylish but very comfortable as well!

Canada Day Dress

If you prefer to wear pants, you can try an all-white outfit with a bright red blazer. Classy and chic!


Red and White Outfit


For a more sophisticated evening look you can try a simple but sleek bodycon dress or red A-line skirt with a sleeveless white top:


Red Dress


Lastly and equally as important as your outfit, is how well do you know the birthday celebrant?  Always respectful and classy to know the host especially for a big party like, the entire nation is involved! Hence, I would like to share some interesting (and some fun) facts about Canada that can be helpful to new comers like myself and refreshing to locals!

  • “Canada” was a linguistic error, and was named through a misunderstanding. When Jacques Cartier, a French explorer, came to the new world he met with local Natives who invited them to their “Kanata” (the word for “village”). The party mistakenly thought the name of the country was “Kanata” or Canada. And Kanata is now a part of Ottawa!
  • Canada is bigger than the European Union! Here are some facts to put Canada's size in perspective: It's bigger than the entire European Union (33 times bigger than Italy and 15 times bigger than France), more than 30 per cent larger than Australia, five times as big as Mexico, three times as big as India and about the same size as 81,975 Walt Disney Worlds put together.
  • Canada has six time zones.
  • Canada's official phone number is 1-800-O-CANADA
  • License plates in the Canadian Northwest Territories are shaped like polar bears
  • Montreal is the world's second largest French speaking city after Paris.
  • Canada consumes more macaroni and cheese than any other nation in the world.
  • The Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada and is the most popular pizza in Australia
  • And lastly, some famous Canadian celebrities include Justin Bieber (We're sorry), Michael Buble, James Cameron, Jim Carrey, Celine Dion, Ryan Gosling, Mike Myers, Ryan Reynolds and William Shatner.

Have Fun and Happy Canada Day!


Celebrate Canada Day in fashion!

Happy Styling


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