Modern Botanical - a feast for the senses!

by | 2018-05-18

Summer is fast approaching and it is no surprise that everybody is already out and enjoying the patios. How can I blame them, we had a very long cold winter and we all need a break? But I must say, as much as it is fun to enjoy the sun and the warmth, I want to experience something different, something unique this summer that is better than a patio. Something like this:

Last year I literally Wine and Dine In The Sky where I had dinner while suspended 150 feet up in the air! This year, I'm staying grounded to take part on a unique and intimate botanic-inspired gastronomical experience.  Dinner4Four Co who brought also Soiree is hosting another distinctive dining adventure under the theme Modern Botanical. Taking place at the National Arts Center, it is the perfect setting where food meets art! There is no doubt that it will be a feast for the senses: Starting with the sense of taste with Chef Kenton Leier who has over two decades of culinary expertise. Be it a Végétalien Sain (Vegan) or Plat de Viandes (Meat), Chef Kenton and his team will surely tickle the taste buds. Moving to the sense of hearing, live music is provided by the talented The Commotions. The 12- member band accompanies the dining experience with their Funk/Soul/Motown beats. The band prides itself for their energetic live show as well as paying tribute to the music that has inspired them to become musicians. As for the sense of sight and smell, Carla Cabajal of Capital Florist will awaken your senses with the play of colors, textures and scents of her beautiful floral arrangements.
Please check their Instagram account to have a sneak peek of this event @modernbotanical613  and this video teaser:

Modern Botanical Dinner Party from Ryan Wibawa on Vimeo.

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