My Take On Neon

by | 2019-03-12

Neon is not an easy color to style. It is loud and flashy and yet, it re-appears in every season! I think the reason why it keeps on surviving is simply because it is a fashion statement- whether or not this statement is positive or  negative is up to how one styles it! Personally my style is funky yet classy so neon is somehow already in my ally.  I have come up with four looks and  I love all of them to be honest. But I wonder if  you will wear any of them? Or is it too loud for your taste? Or is it unreal for daily wear? Let me know!

Look One: With Black    

This is the classiest color one can pair with neon as it is a perfect contrast. The cape and skirt pants however made the look chic and edgy. The unique cuts of this two pieces definitely made this look a standout more than the neon itself.

Look Two: With Blue

Color blocking comes into play with this look! Both blue and green are so vibrant that a statement necklace is needed to tone it down. Luckily I have this silver necklace I got in Morocco to do just that. The blue coat from Mango is also less vibrant making the overall more approachable and stylish. To complete the look, I have accessorize with my fringe green earring from Zara and the clutch bag from ALDO.

Look Three: With Pink

I know that this is the most unusual color but then one can encounter the same shades in a rose! For this look to work, it is important to consider the kind or hue of pink, this will break or make the look! I cannot imagine this neon top with a pepto bismol pink, that would be so 90s and even back then, that would not look good! Rather, an old rose pink is more fitting and classy. Again to keep the look balanced, I wore a layered necklace. This final touch makes the look more playful and less old.

Look Four: With Green

I placed this as the last look as it is my favorite! Like they say save the best for last! At first, I was thinking that I might look like slimer as there is too much green going on. But when I tried it, I think it is great! The texture of the skirt and the turtleneck sweater is crucial. If I have worn the same top as the previous looks with this neon boots, it would be too much! The sweater is more of a light olive green and  though the skirt has sequins, the black zebra print tones the green down. All this colors and textures blend so well together creating a sophisticated yet modern take on neon.


Entire outfit collection is from Zara aside from the clutch bag from ALDO and the blue coat from Mango. Additionally, the last look was taken at the chic Alt Hotel in Ottawa. If you are looking for a fun and playful place to stay in Canada, you should check this place out:

Happy Styling


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