My Underground Experience - Bright Lights!

by Patricia-Ann Que | 2017-08-06

I decided to move to Ottawa towards the end of October and everyone told me that it was a horrible time to do it! Summer was over and winter,  fast approaching. A year after, I still stand by my decision that it was the perfect time; I get to see the worse and appreciate the best even more. Especially this year as the city features a series of fun and one of a kind events and the best part is it does not cost a dime!

Last time I shared my 150 feet high breathtaking experience about the Sky Lounge (wine and dine in the sky), and then I went level grounded with a fire breathing dragon and a giant spider with La Machine (a weekend with giants and machines). This time, I'm bringing you the underground though Kontinuum.

Kontinuum is an underground LRT infrastructure project that features glimmering lights, futuristic multi-media production and a hologram OF YOURSELF. Yes, you read it right, a hologram or as they called “frequency” of yourself that you can save:




Pretty neat, ey? How did they do it? Through a gigantic scanner:





And this is only the start! As I carried on, I had this post apocalyptic feeling, almost like being in the Walking Dead but in an exciting way as opposed to being scary! The location is a construction site so there are a lot of unfinished and messy areas. It was also raining which was timely, it added thrill as I walk further down.


Red Room

I then found myself in a series of “rooms” that gives a glimpse of the future:






subway train


The entire showcase is impressive and cool! The idea of making a construction site futuristic is really unique and a must to experience! As I near towards the end of the tunnel, I found myself and my very own “frequency”:



Isn't that something or what? Please note that construction will resume so this futuristic journey is only available till September 14. So hurry up and be part of the future!

Happy Styling


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