New York Fashion Week? Paris Fashion Week? Tibet I went!

by Patricia-Ann Que | 2017-10-05

Those who love fashion know that the past few months have been totally fun and busy in the fashion world. Two out of the four fashion capitals, New York and Paris, just completed their much anticipated fashion weeks. Designers, models, stylists, photographers and bloggers from all over the world storm to these cities to witness not only the latest but also to find out what and who will set the trend for 2018. By the way, if you are wondering what's the other two cities, it is Milan and London.

It is exciting to take part of this world famous event but at the same time, it is expensive and time consuming; not really the most practical for someone who is just in the fourth month of blogging like me! Hence, I opted to do the extreme opposite. Instead of joining the hassle and bustle of the fashion capitals, I surrendered myself to the simplicity and tranquility of Tibet- of course, still with style!

Turtle Neck

I didn't bring much clothing or make up to this trip as I didn't want to carry a big bag around, plus no one knows me here anyway! I might as well enjoy the isolation and give my skin a break from make-up. However, one item that I used daily is my turtleneck and of course sun block. I brought three: a black, grey and a colorful one, green.



Accessories: Necklace. Earrings and Beanie (or toque according to the Canadians?)

While the rest of the fashion world is having their glitz and bling, I'm in the other end of the world having my own glam with my statement necklace! I love this ginormous neck piece as it blends well with the surroundings, with its hand painted d├ęcor. I also brought this subtle gong earrings to add an oriental flare. And of course a beanie that came to the rescue when I realized that I didn't even have hair product! A good disguise for a bad hair day!



The Best Part

Styling is always fun but there are far more important things to truly enjoy while traveling. The best part of this trip is the actual experience - making new friends (and that includes a yak), tasting the local food (and that also includes a yak) and creating unforgettable memories (and guess what, that also includes a yak):

Making friends

Bump into a fellow stylist from Singapore wearing a Prada cameo head to toe! We are actually taking part of the fashion show, only remotely as he says!

And of course this cutie:


Tasting the local food

Due to the altitude of the place, yak is used a lot as an energy source including as a food just like we consume cow milk and beef!



Creating unforgettable memories








This may not be as glamorous and stylish as the fashion shows, but this is definitely one extraordinary experience! Just like I guess attending your first big fashion show! Hope you enjoyed this!

Happy Styling


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