My Take On Neon

by | 2019-03-12

Trends come and go and one of the trends that has been coming back over and over is Neon. And I'm very happy that each time it makes a come back, it is becoming more sophisticated and chic! Click here to see how I modernize this 90s trend!


Styling Pleats and Printed Chains...Take Two

by | 2019-03-05

My last post was about the printed chain trend. It was a challenging but fun experience and that is why I'm taking on a second take! This time I'm styling a midi pleated skirt that is more appropriate for work and for daily casual wear! See the three looks here!


Styling Pleats and Printed Chains

by | 2019-02-25

Few months ago we have seen the re-emergence of the animal print and it came back in various forms:  snake, zebra to cows! As we welcome spring, we will still be seeing them but also fashion is welcoming back the Printed Chains. Find out how to wear them and bring this runway trend to your wardrobe!


Why It's Better To Buy Clothes Online

by | 2019-02-15

Fashion will always be part of our lives and so are clothes! It is no surprise that clothes shops  have managed to stay relevant as online shopping becomes the norm. Shoppers still go out  to shop, mostly to try can try things on. However, online shopping  has a lot of benefits too and here's why!


5 Great Places To Kayak In Canada

by | 2019-02-06

If you're a seasoned traveler, you'll know that seeing a country by water is a unique experience. It just offers you a different perspective, whether it's of the beautiful architecture in Amsterdam, or the mountain ranges in Canada. Whether you're a kayaking pro, or you've never even stepped foot in one before, this is a great way to see the natural wonders of the world, whilst also getting in some exercise (and a bit of an adrenaline rush). Here are 5 great places to consider!


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