Yellow Polka Dot... Dress!

by | 2018-06-25

Summer is almost here and what a perfect time to wear that yellow polka dot bikini, as the song goes. However, it is only almost summer so it is still a little bit too cold for that fun bikini. But in the meantime, we can still have some fun with this yellow polka dot dress! See fun ways to wear them throughout summer! 


"Spring" Into Pastels Series - Pink

by | 2018-06-07

The sun is out and the heat is on! Summer is finally here but before we get into our summer outfits, I still have one more spring color to style!  This piece is perfect as a transitional item as we move away from spring to hot summer. Check out how this chic pleated skirt can transform your look in three ways!


"Spring" Into Pastels Series - Marigold

by | 2018-05-23

Finally, Spring is here and it is just timely to continue my Spring into Pastels Series! For this article, I played with the luxurious colour called Marigold. It is a yellow, orange-goldish tone, just like the flower it is named after. It is not an easy colour to wear but I have found the right piece to make it wearable by all. Check out my three looks here!


Modern Botanical - a feast for the senses!

by | 2018-05-18

Summer is fast approaching and it is no surprise that everybody is already out and enjoying the patios. How can I blame them, we had a very long cold winter and we all need a break? But I must say, as much as it is fun to enjoy the sun and the warmth, I want to experience something different, something unique this summer that is better than a patio. Something like this:


"Spring" Into Pastels Series - Baby Blue

by | 2018-04-19

As spring arrives (hopefully), the ideal blue for this season is Baby Blue, as it belongs to the pastel family. Pastels are just everywhere that I'm featuring it in series (my last two were Lilac and Mint Green).

I chose this colour as I have the perfect styling piece: a sexy pair of thigh high bootsI can imagine that it is not for everyone but for a fashionista like myself, this is a must!


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