Cold Romance

by | 2018-12-06

Winter this year arrived so fast! Just one evening and then suddenly it is all cold and snowy! But it is not that bad as it can be pretty and picturesque- imagine a white Christmas! But my concern is more about all my beautiful clothes dedicated for autumn, I did not have enough time to wear them all! Do I have to wait till next year to wear these gorgeous pieces? Or I can be creative and sashay them now? This is my Cold Romance with the winter season.


Animal Instincts

by | 2018-11-26

There is no doubt that any fashionista knows that animal print is in trend right now. Click here to see how I style this trend using various prints and textures that perhaps will unleash the animal instinct in you! Happy Styling! 


How To Care For Your Clothes While Travelling

by | 2018-11-15

As exciting as travelling may be, it comes with a lot of stress too. You have to stick to a budget, get to the airport on time, and, of course, take care of your clothes. After all, you can't just nip home and grab a new shirt when yours becomes creased or dirty throughout the day. Instead, you have to look after what you've already got with you, ensuring that nothing gets damaged or stained, or you'll be left with nothing to wear. To make your life a little easier when you travel, and make sure that you always travel in style, here are seven ways to look after your clothes. 


Around The Fashionista's World In 5 Colors

by | 2018-11-13

In 1873, Jules Verne published his most famous novel Around the World In Eighty Days. The fantastic adventure of Phileas Fogg and Passepartout around the world has inspired many real travellers. In fact, since the book has been published, many have tried to beat Verne's fictional circumnavigation, including several charity organisations and athletes!

But, as inspiring as this is, modern travellers are now looking for a different kind of adventure. From travelling without money around the world to travelling with imposed transportation restriction, everyone has brought new rules to a challenge that is now 145-year-old. But what is travel without fashion, without enjoying the magic of the colors and materials available around you? Fashion is, ultimately, the quickest cultural insight you can get into a new country. Here's a little deep into the world of colors: 


How Can You Just Bite The Bullet And Travel?

by | 2018-11-11

Who does not like travelling especially this days when options are wide and almost anything is possible? However, is it really that easy and practical? Or the proliferation of  social media and travel TV shows just make it look easy? Biting the bullet and travelling can be an extremely scary step, but how can you just go for it? How can you stop thinking about it, and take a leap of faith? Click here to find out!


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