Why It's Better To Buy Clothes Online

by | 2019-02-15

Fashion will always be part of our lives and so are clothes! It is no surprise that clothes shops  have managed to stay relevant as online shopping becomes the norm. Shoppers still go out  to shop, mostly to try can try things on. However, online shopping  has a lot of benefits too and here's why!


Your Heart Will Sing For Singapore! (This Is Why)

by | 2019-01-23

Modern yet still full of culture, that is the city-state of Singapore. It's a cool place to visit if you get to see the best attractions and sample the myriad of cuisine that it offers. With this guide, you can have the best time, it is so good, in fact, your heart will sing!


Dress To Kill

by | 2018-12-14

As much as I value inner beauty I can't help but admit that face value is as equally as important. Moreover this days where social media is now a part of our daily lives, both personally and professionally. With this, it is becoming more and more crucial how we present ourselves both in the virtual and real world. Click here to see how I Dress To Kill! 


Cold Romance

by | 2018-12-06

Winter this year arrived so fast! Just one evening and then suddenly it is all cold and snowy! But it is not that bad as it can be pretty and picturesque- imagine a white Christmas! But my concern is more about all my beautiful clothes dedicated for autumn, I did not have enough time to wear them all! Do I have to wait till next year to wear these gorgeous pieces? Or I can be creative and sashay them now? This is my Cold Romance with the winter season.


Animal Instincts

by | 2018-11-26

There is no doubt that any fashionista knows that animal print is in trend right now. Click here to see how I style this trend using various prints and textures that perhaps will unleash the animal instinct in you! Happy Styling! 


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