Colored Hair and Scalp Care Routine: Dandruff with Dyed Hair

by | 2020-07-30

Yes, you read it right ! You can now have a dandruff free scalp while still having healthy strands- no brittleness, no breakage! How? Through AROMASE 5α Juniper product line! 


Fashion Forward: Are You Ready for Sustainable Jewelry?

by | 2020-07-22

Some people would describe fashion as trendy or classy, and even at times trashy! But guess what? Trashy is no longer a bad thing, what if trash is transformed into a luxurious and elegant jewelry? To be specific, if fish scales are transformed into fashion pieces it will look like this:


I Do To Cobalt Blue

by | 2019-04-16

Blue has always been a favorite color. I find its various shades has various effects! Light blues make me feel calm  while vibrant blues re-energize me! For this article, I'm styling a cobalt blue that surely gives a boost and is no doubt an attention grabber! See the looks here!


Down To Earth

by | 2019-04-02

In my last article, I styled a skirt featuring muted neutral tones. I enjoyed styling it and after reading your feedback, I decided to continue with it! But instead of pairing it with  vibrant colors, I opted for rich earthy tones. See the looks here if you are looking for something modern and edgy.


What Accessories Always Add A Touch Of Style?

by | 2019-03-19

We use accessories to spice up an outfit and we always feel better because of them. If you've got a bare neckline, a necklace will sort you right out. If you've got a lot of negative space along your arms and hands, a bracelet or a ring is going to change your entire perception.


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