End Of Summer Blues and I wore it literally

by Patricia-Ann Que | 2017-09-14

We're only few weeks away till the end of summer and I will not allow myself to feel blue about it, however, I can wear blue and look stylish and feel, “not so blue”!



Crayonized as a Garden

by Patricia-Ann Que | 2017-08-15
colorful garden

Walk amongst giants, witness a traditional yet colorful train or listen to a piano made out of plants. Whimsical? Not all. I experienced it all at MOSAÏCANADA 150!


My Underground Experience - Bright Lights!

by Patricia-Ann Que | 2017-08-06

There is a light at the end of the tunnel - and Ottawa's light is futuristic and bright! Especially this year as the city features a series of fun and one of a kind events and the best part is it does not cost a dime! 


A Weekend with Giants and Machines

by Patricia-Ann Que | 2017-07-30
Canada 150

Meet Long Ma, a 42 ton fire breathing dragon-horse and Kumo, a 20 meter long mechanical spider. Confused? Read more to be entertained!


Wine and Dine in the Sky

by Patricia-Ann Que | 2017-07-25

Trying new things, exploring new places, and meeting new people are actually activities not new to me at all. I enjoy things the most when they are unconventional and edgy. Just like the Sky Lounge, which is a dining experience 150 feet up in the sky!


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