Colored Hair and Scalp Care Routine: Dandruff with Dyed Hair

by | 2020-07-30

Yes, you read it right ! You can now have a dandruff free scalp while still having healthy strands- no brittleness, no breakage! How? Through AROMASE 5α Juniper product line! 


Fashion Forward: Are You Ready for Sustainable Jewelry?

by | 2020-07-22

Some people would describe fashion as trendy or classy, and even at times trashy! But guess what? Trashy is no longer a bad thing, what if trash is transformed into a luxurious and elegant jewelry? To be specific, if fish scales are transformed into fashion pieces it will look like this:


What Accessories Always Add A Touch Of Style?

by | 2019-03-19

We use accessories to spice up an outfit and we always feel better because of them. If you've got a bare neckline, a necklace will sort you right out. If you've got a lot of negative space along your arms and hands, a bracelet or a ring is going to change your entire perception.


Celebrating the Colors of Marrakech Series - Yellow

by | 2018-09-30

In my last blog, I featured a dark and vibrant green dress that really blends well with the beautiful architecture of Marrakech. You can check it out here. For this series, I'm featuring a coordinate set of various leaf prints composing mainly of greens and yellows. The entire outfit is from Forever21. I think this is best worn outdoor as a resort outfit as it blends well with nature. In fact, I have worn the same outfit once is a garden exhibition and few bees landed on my top thinking that it is part of the exhibition.


Styling a Colorful Summer Dress

by | 2018-07-10

Summer is finally here and nothing excites me than wearing summer dresses! They are pretty, easy to wear and most of all, they come in various designs and lengths. For this post, I have chosen this rainbow-colored dress inspired by the Pride month. Check out how I styled this dress that you can wear throughout summer even after the pride celebrations!


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