Fashion Forward: Are You Ready for Sustainable Jewelry?

by | 2020-07-22

Some people would describe fashion as trendy or classy, and even at times trashy! But guess what? Trashy is no longer a bad thing, what if trash is transformed into a luxurious and elegant jewelry? To be specific, if fish scales are transformed into fashion pieces it will look like this:


Why It's Better To Buy Clothes Online

by | 2019-02-15

Fashion will always be part of our lives and so are clothes! It is no surprise that clothes shops  have managed to stay relevant as online shopping becomes the norm. Shoppers still go out  to shop, mostly to try can try things on. However, online shopping  has a lot of benefits too and here's why!


Around The Fashionista's World In 5 Colors

by | 2018-11-13

In 1873, Jules Verne published his most famous novel Around the World In Eighty Days. The fantastic adventure of Phileas Fogg and Passepartout around the world has inspired many real travellers. In fact, since the book has been published, many have tried to beat Verne's fictional circumnavigation, including several charity organisations and athletes!

But, as inspiring as this is, modern travellers are now looking for a different kind of adventure. From travelling without money around the world to travelling with imposed transportation restriction, everyone has brought new rules to a challenge that is now 145-year-old. But what is travel without fashion, without enjoying the magic of the colors and materials available around you? Fashion is, ultimately, the quickest cultural insight you can get into a new country. Here's a little deep into the world of colors: 


Catch a Wink of Pink

by | 2017-12-28

There is no doubt that pink is the color of 2017. We have seen them in various shades, style and form, but I love it most as sock boots! This pair is a definite head turner but most of all, it can transform a simple outfit to a chic and stylish ensemble! Check out my blog and catch a wink of pink!


Fashionably Surviving a Sticky Situation

by | 2017-07-21

Summer is here and all we can all think of is the beach, sun and mojitos. Sounds refreshing! But what if you are stuck like me in the concrete jungle? What options do we have that it is equally fun and refreshing? Find out in this article and see how to enjoy it fashionably!



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