Sleeping Beauty Should Have Worn Pajamas

by | 2018-01-31

It all started with the Frozen Fashionista series. Someone asked if Frozen the movie was the inspiration. Actually, it is more about the freezing weather here in Canada that the series was created. Coincidentally, the next article featured the maxi white dress photographed in the snow and hence the title Snow White and the Three Looks! Again it's not about the movie, but about the dress. However this time, I think I came out with this title not only because of the style but moreover, it is just fun to themed it as one of the Disney princess given the previous articles.

The pajama trend was a hit last year and we will still see them this year. It is definitely no longer a sleep wear but a fashion statement. Hence, Princess Aurora could have slept comfortably and still wake up fashionably to kiss her Prince! Imagine wearing a gown for 100 years while sleeping? I will have nightmares!

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of this trend especially those that come as coordinates. Simply because they look like pajamas and are meant to wear for sleeping and not outside home. However, the piece I'm styling here is quite different as it has elegance. Though the cut is definitely pajama, the embroidery and subtle grey color make it more wearable for outdoor. I also like that it is velvet and not satin as satin just reminds of sexy night slip-ons. This piece from Zara and here the two ways I have styled it:

Look One: Statement Necklace

I mentioned above that I don't like pajama coordinates but that does not mean that I won't like it in the same color hue as I did here. I matched the pants with this baby blue turtleneck from Mango. Just sidetrack, this cashmere top is so warm and comfy and it is one of my favorite. To add some playfulness to the look, I accessorize the grey hues with a contrasting green necklace! This piece is made out of wood which makes it more stand out. This look must be worn with high heels to keep it elegant that I paired with this tassels rounded bag from Zara.

Look Two: Statement Earrings   

 I must say that this piece is not the easiest to style and when I'm challenged, I always go back to basics. And what more can be basic than the good old reliable white top. This again one of my favorite cotton tops from Zara. The cut fits me well and the high neck keeps it classy. For this look I have chosen these asymmetrical earrings to make the overall look edgy. The color of earrings compliments the pattern of the bag as well creating a casual but sophisticated look.

What do you think of the pajama trend? Will you wear it and how would you style it? I surely would love to know your thought about it!

Happy Styling


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