Speedy and Beautifying Hangover Tips!

by Patricia-Ann Que | 2017-07-07

 The past week has been filled with celebrations, including two major ones back to back; Canada Day and Independence Day for our American friends! We all had our fun under the sun, ate delicious food and of course, drank gallons of drinks! I'm not sure why, but it seems like the entire nation tends to drink more during this time. Perhaps the taste of cold beer is better when it's hot and crowded or that glass of wine is just more fun to drink with great company on a festive day!


If I'm 25 years old I won't even bother writing this since our young bodies back then just recuperate naturally.  Unfortunately (and also fortunately), I'm way passed that age and recovering from a big night (or in this case a big weekend) requires more than natural recovery.


As I get older, I realized that the best way to get over a massive hangover is a simple preparation. As what they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Or better, if you plan to drink, plan before you drink.


My debauchery started Friday after work.  A couple glasses of wine here, a sip of beer from everyone (as we were beer tasting) and of course, a Brandy Alexandre at the end. The next day was almost the same, except we started slightly earlier meaning, longer days equals more drinks. Sunday came and the drinking just got earlier and earlier. This time we started at about 11:00am for brunch and continued throughout the night!  Finally when Monday came I said no more alcohol as I'll be at work, just to realize then that it was a public holiday! Why stop now, right? So I just carried on like the previous days.


Thanks to my planning throughout this alcohol infused days, I managed to stay fresh, feel good and even do my workout routine! I did get a slight headache but not bad enough that I'm immobilize! How did I do it? Let me share with you a step by step guideline to my speedy and refreshing recovery:


The Survival Kit

In my party bag: Facial mist: InnisFree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist.

Face Mist

By the door entrance: Make-up remover and face wash with a note ”Use me now or you will regret it later”: Bioderma Micellar Water and Cetaphil Cleanser


Make up remover
face cleanser

By the bathroom:  Toner, Essence, Serum, Eye Cream and Moisturizer: Dr Dennis Gross Product Line


By the night table:  Coconut Water and Sheet Mask: UFC Refresh Coconut Water and Tony Moly Sheet Seaweed Mask

refreshing drink


sheet mask

Application (use each time you outweighed yourself partying!)

1. Ten minutes before arriving home, I spray my facial mist over my make-up; this wakes me up instantly! It helps to have an upbeat music background to perk you up! I enjoy Lady Gaga's or Rihanna's company!

2. Upon arrival, I'm welcomed with my remover and wash, plus a motivating note to take out all my make up off and clean my face!

3. Once the second step is done, step three just eases in smoothly as it is a routine to me, plus it helps a lot that it is just lined there ready to use.

4. And lastly, before I snooze off, I drink the coconut water and use the sheet mask till I fall asleep! Yes, I sleep with it on my face! I take it off the next day when I wake up. Not sure how it stays on but when I wake up, my skin is just radiant and my body is ready to take on the day!


If this doesn't work, maybe you can get away by putting on a “make me look fresh” make up.  This video tutorial is easy to follow and quick: 

 Now it's your turn, please share you tips and tricks for a speedy hangover recovery. Happy Weekend and drink loads so you can test this out! :-)


Happy Styling


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