'Spring' into Pastels Series - Lilacs

by | 2018-03-22

This week we welcome the first day of spring, and in fact, I'm writing it on the actual day! I'm excited as this means that pastels are back! For this series, I will feature various pastels to make sure you look stylish and chic this season!

Some colors I chose are the classics like lilac, spring green and baby blue. I've also chosen some bold ones like marigold and warm rose pink for those who want to add a zest in their wardrobe.

I'm starting off with Lilac as I can see a trend of this color, just like Millennial Pink from last year.  I chose this lilac trousers from Mango first because of its color and second because of its cut. A fit like this can be worn in numerous occasions and paired with several tops as below.


I like this look because of its versatility! One can wear it at work or for a casual day out. The textured top and the earrings create a sharp and yet approachable look while the sunglasses and clutch balance it out with a casual approach.



This is a personal favorite, and I just love how this outfit makes me feel instantly happy! The pastel yellow flows nicely with the trousers while the bright yellow earrings and bracelet breaks the softness of the overall look. I would wear this for those 'cheer me up' moments or any fun day!


For this last look, I paired the trousers with this fun mid rib lavender top. The loose fitting top has a subtle sexiness into it while the unmatched earrings and tasseled necklace makes the monotone look naughty but playful! Best for hanging out at a friend's house or a lazy Friday night with your partner!

Do you like this color? Do you own any lilac colored clothing? Let me know how you wear them! And please watch out for the next color Spring Green!

Happy Styling


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