Styling Pleats and Printed Chains...Take Two

by | 2019-11-05

My last post was about the printed chain trend. It was a challenging but fun experience and that is why I'm taking on a second take! This time I'm styling a midi pleated skirt that is more appropriate for work and for daily casual wear! See the three looks here!


Styling Pleats and Printed Chains

by | 2019-10-25

Few months ago we have seen the re-emergence of the animal print and it came back in various forms:  snake, zebra to cows! As we welcome spring, we will still be seeing them but also fashion is welcoming back the Printed Chains. Find out how to wear them and bring this runway trend to your wardrobe!


'Spring' into Pastels Series - Spring Greens

by | 2018-12-03

As we get closer to spring, pastels are blooming everywhere! For this second series, I'm featuring this Spring Green trousers from Zara. This shade of green is both fun and feminine just perfect for spring! As always, I have styled this pair three ways to share with you some styling ideas. Hope you enjoy!


'Spring' into Pastels Series - Lilacs

by | 2018-11-21

This week we welcome the first day of spring, and in fact, I'm writing it on the actual day! I'm excited as this means that pastels are back! For this series, I will feature various pastels to make sure you look stylish and chic this season!

Some colors I chose are the classics like lilac, spring green and baby blue. I've also chosen some bold ones like marigold and warm rose pink for those who want to add a zest in their wardrobe.


Fab with Plaids

by | 2018-11-11

For this week's styling blog, I'm featuring this pleated plaid skirt that can make you look fab instantly! Whether you are a fashionista, a playful one or someone who just loves being comfy! Checkout the three looks!


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