Turn Heads with this Red! (Your Ultimate V-day and CNY look)

by | 2018-02-12

Red is surely the color for February! Not only are we celebrating Valentine's Day, but Chinese New Year as well! From East to West we are surely painting the town red, and I did it with vibrant red!


Sleeping Beauty Should Have Worn Pajamas

by | 2018-01-31

The pajama trend was a hit last year, and we will still see them this year. It is definitely no longer a sleep wear but a fashion statement. Hence, Princess Aurora could have slept comfortably and still wake up fashionably to kiss her Prince! See how I styled this trend here!


Frozen Fashionista - Fun Style, Part Three

by | 2018-01-17

Though winter is not my favorite season, it does not mean I will stop having fun. This article is the last for the Frozen Fashionista series and I would like to wrap it up with this fun clothes that are colorful and will definitely keep you warm throughout the winter. Check it out here and have fun!


Frozen Fashionista - Glam Style, Part Two

by | 2018-01-11

As much as it is tempting to retire to a cozy blanket and binge on Netflix with this freezing winter, it is not really a great idea to hibernate like a bear and close your doors to social events. If you do, you can easily get big like a bear! But how can one socialize and look stylish while wearing snow boots and thermals? I will show you how.


Frozen Fashionista Series: Street Style, Part One

by | 2018-01-04

It's a new day, a new start and even a new year. The only thing that is not new is the freezing weather here in Ottawa, Canada. But this cold weather won't freeze my styling creations; in fact, it inspired me! I was challenged and came up with several ideas that I have to feature them in three parts!


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