Styling a Colorful Summer Dress

by | 2019-03-09

Summer is finally here and nothing excites me than wearing summer dresses! They are pretty, easy to wear and most of all, they come in various designs and lengths. I have chosen this maxi rainbow colored dress as I got inspired by the Pride month. However, it is also wearable throughout the summer! The halter cut is perfect for those hot days while the maxi length keeps it classy. And yes it is a maxi for summer, the side slit keeps it cool and sexy with that subtle show of skin! Check out how I or you can wear it! 


 Colorful is normally associated with something fun and pretty but not really chic. However, that does not mean that it can't be. With this look, I have accessorize it with the ever popular jute or straw bag decorated with fun colorful sequins and a colorful unpaired earrings. To make it chic and balanced, I simply wear this jetblack cat eye glasses to make the overlook sharp and stylish!



 I do not normally wear hair accessories as I got very short hair and the cut itself is already a statement. However, I can't resist this knotted headband! I personally find it chic and it can make any outfit stylish, just like the way I did here. The mustard color of the band blends nicely with my straw belt and mini cutie jute bag, both trendy for summer.

Hope you all are having a great and stylish summer!

Happy Styling


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