Styling Pleats and Printed Chains...Take Two

by | 2019-03-05

My last post was about the printed chain trend and it involved a mini skirt from Zara.  It was a challenging but fun experience and that is why I'm taking on a second take! This time I'm styling a midi pleated skirt again from Zara that is more appropriate for work and for daily casual wear! See the three looks here!

Look One: Marigold

I think this top is a perfect match for the skirt because of  the color flow. The blouse is a rich marigold silk that transcends  nicely with the gold printed chains of the skirt. I completed the look with a touch of blue from the necklace that I wore from the last post and a purse I got from Morocco. I would wear this at work or over a lunch meeting.

Look Two:  Color Blocked Sleeves

This look is more of a casual version of Look One. Still adhering to the yellow color family, the stripes of this Zara top makes it look sporty. The sleeves are also asymmetrical making it look chic and playful. To enhance this, I wore an unmatched pair of earrings I got from Mango. This look is edgy and best worn in the design and creative industries.

Look Three:  Plain White Tee (of course!)

I mentioned in my last post that a plain white tee is a must in every wardrobe and this is why I'm featuring it here again...and it looks so different. Paired with a different skirt and necklace, you have another outfit! For this last look, I used a statement necklace to elevate the white tee and a box bag that has the same colors of the printed chains. You can wear this at the office, on a lunch date or any daytime activity around the city.

Happy Styling


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