Styling With Fall Colors and Velvet

by | 2017-11-04

As I experience the different seasons here in Canada, it is easy for me to see why most love the fall season! The colors and the various hues that this season brings is just magical and hence the inspiration for this week's look. The particular item I played with this time is my fuchsia velvet pleated skirt. The vibrant color of this skirt is the perfect piece as we transition from coziness of fall to the festivities of winter. The velvet material gives the skirt a playful vibe while its pleats adds a dash of femininity. The skirt flows nicely too making it easy to come with this three fun looks: 

LOOK ONE: Clashing Colors


I love playing with colors as reflected with this first look. I matched the green top with the skirt as this color clash reminds me of the flower fuchsia, one of my favorites! But I'm not a flower and I want this look to be edgy!  Wearing a statement yellow sock boots with a matching belt just did it- perfectly! This outfit I would wear on a fun lunch date or a late matinee.


LOOK TWO: Family Colors


As opposed to look one, this look is more subtle. The overall look belongs to the same family tone and the floral prints softens the look- a bit too soft for my taste. I need to add a bit of kick into it so I paired it with my pink ankle boots! Viola a great look for walking around the city or visiting museums.


LOOK THREE: Dark Colors


This look is surely a fall inspired look. The dark blue with its rich red prints together with the velvet skirt just says fall to me. I accessorized it with my red chandelier earrings and a pair of comfy velvet loafers. I would wear this for an evening occasion as the slit on the top is quite sexy yet the rose prints keeps it lady like.

Hope you enjoyed this three fall looks and as always, I would like to know which one would you wear. Or perhaps you can wear all looks depending on your mood? Please let me know!

Happy Styling


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