Styling With Statement Earrings

by Patricia-Ann Que | 2017-09-27

Earrings are a staple fashion accessory. It was said that earrings started way back in 3000 BC, intended to provide a quick identification to the wearer's social status- religious, political or tribal identity. These days, some still use it for identification, but in a different way, by making a statement - a fashion statement and hence the phrase “statement earrings”.

People's creativity have diversified shapes, lengths and even ways of wearing them. Traditionally, earrings are worn by the earlobe but this days, we have seen them in any part of the ear possible: 



It's amazing how we can come up with unique ideas to set ourselves apart. But as for me, my style has always been classy but edgy. I would wear my earrings the traditional way but the edgy statement is with the design:



I've been asked about the practicality of buying statement earrings like how often do I wear them. It actually depends on the design and one's lifestyle. For this earrings, I actually have a few pairs and I've worn them as a casual street wear or an evening wear. The trick with this earrings is that the accessory itself is already a statement so it is best to keep the rest of the look simple.  No big loud prints or other glaring patterns as it will make the look busy. My goal is to keep it classy and edgy.

Casual Look

You can see in this look that I just wore a simple yellow top to match the gold tassels and a white shorts with black ribbon to match the black tassels. Walla! Easy breezy! 

Evening Look

For a more sophisticated evening look, I maintained the look with a basic color and for this case, white! White is always classy! I paired it with this Asian inspired pants from Zara. The bamboo prints is subtle  and although is all over the pants, it is not loud that keeps the look clean.

I enjoy fashion and styling because of my  love of experimenting and discovering other people's style like yours! Would love to know your statement piece(s) and how you wear them! Happy Styling!


Casual Look

Evening Look

Happy Styling


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