Swing Into Spring with Green

by | 2018-02-20

As the snow melts and spring revives the world with color, so does it with my style. We can finally infuse some vibrancy into our looks! I'm pretty excited as I have the perfect piece to style as we say goodbye to winter and hello to spring with a big smile! :)

For this article, I will be styling these emerald green boots from Zara. I must say that I have a lot of colorful pieces but I specifically chose this because of its embroidery; the floral applique and the gracious cranes just remind me of spring. Of course, the color itself, green, denotes that we are finally blooming into spring! The matching shades I used with the three looks are floral tones that makes all wearable for various occasions, hope you enjoy them!

LOOK ONE:  Pink (reminds me of flowers)

I bought this dress because of the color, but more particularly of the asymmetrical cut. I was actually unsure at first because I'm not a fan of rushed styles, but the color and the cut is just so unique and perfect for the boots. This is a chic yet playful look to wear over a dinner date with your partner or friends or to an art or design themed occasion.

LOOK TWO: Brown (reminds me of trees) 

I have seen a lot of polka dots emerging this season and I'm so excited that they come in various colors and shapes, surely more than the traditional black and whites or black and reds. I opted for a brown and white one as it is both fun and classy! This color also suits the huge bow of the top giving a feminine retro feel. Paired with the boots, the look is modern with a girlish vibe! I have worn this at the office or over lunch meetings.


LOOK THREE: Green (reminds me of plants)

With this look, I played with various prints and textures just plants and nature! I paired a cotton floral top with these velvet striped pants that flows elegantly with the boots. Mixing prints can be tricky as it can make the look busy and clashy, but if one uses the same color tone, it can look stylish like I did here. I would wear this as a night time outfit or on networking events.

Are you ready for spring and what piece do you enjoy wearing most during this season? Would you try any of this looks? Please let me know!


Happy Styling


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