The Tulle Skirt Challenge

by Patricia-Ann Que | 2017-09-24

Fashion trends come and go and we have our staple favorites but we also have our least favorites. The tulle skirt falls for me in the middle - not a favorite but not the least favorite.  In other words, I'm not exactly sure what I feel about it! When I see it on display or in a magazine, I like it. When I see someone wearing it, sometimes I like it and often times I don't. I just feel that it is hard to wear and it goes out of trend quite fast.

Before moving to Canada, I saw this pretty tulle skirt. It is feminine with pretty florals and yet with a sporty waist band.  I got it mainly because of the sporty waist band, it is unique and edgy but still too feminine in the end. Hence it is not a surprise that I have never worn it - till this month.

I was sorting out my summer and autumn clothes and I saw this skirt. It is beautiful and surely wearable, so I challenged myself to come up with various looks. I love clothes and accessories that are versatile, they are practical but it also allows me to have fun by experimenting. This tulle skirt should be no different and hence, here are the looks I came up with.

Look One: tulle on tulle



When I visualize this look, I was thinking that it will be too much, too feminine! But I feel that the black sandals and long leaf earrings balanced the look.  The extra-large pink sunnies also added an edge, giving it a cool vibe than feminine.

Look Two: cold shoulders and tulle



I was not sure about this look when I first created about it. Cold shoulder top is a trend and so is the tulle skirt, meaning it can look too much of everything! But when I actually tried it on, it looked I needed to add more! Hence, I paired it with my unmatched earrings and my oriental necklace! I seriously feel that this is a funky look, I would wear to a picnic or outdoor afternoon events.

Look Three:  tube and tulle


This is an accidental look! I had this tube underneath for look one but after the shoots, it got too hot that I took out the tulle top. Then a few people in the location commented that it actually looked cool and it can be a look by itself. I leave it you guys to be the judge of that!

Which look will you wear or you're least favorite? Or do you have a piece that is somewhat like my tulle skirt, nice but not a favorite? Would love to hear your thoughts! 

Happy Styling


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