Turn Heads with this Red! (Your Ultimate V-day and CNY look)

by | 2018-02-12

Red is surely the color for February! Not only are we celebrating Valentine's Day, but Chinese New Year as well! From East to West we are surely painting the town red, and I did it with vibrant red!

The piece I'm featuring is a skirt I've owned for over 15 years, and it's my favorite maxi vibrant red skirt. I don't even know where my mum got it, but I must say it's a true classic. I've worn it for that long and yet it never failed to turn heads and garner compliments! Thank god that my daily visits to the gym kept my waistline the same for 15 years!

 Though this skirt is “old”, its classic cut makes it so versatile that with the right styling, it can always look chic or modern or fun! Hence my three looks! 

Look One: Chic


This is one of my favorite tops from Zara. I like the small details on it, which makes it chic. The buttons in the shoulders, the puffed sleeves and most of all the belt. The belt allows various styling, so it can be bowed front, back or side to enhance your curves, or loosely tied for a casual look. The mocha color paired with the skirt makes the red even look brighter that is surely to make a statement look. I would wear this ensemble on a date night or a semi-casual event.  

Look Two: Modern


I love the playfulness and yet the modern approach of this look. The earrings are fun and the long vest makes it look modest, and good enough to wear at work or a casual date. To stay warm, I got this turtleneck with detailed colored lining around the neck and sleeve that matches the overall color of the outfit. 

Look Three: Fun


This is surely a fun look! The bright yellow sweater and the vibrant red skirt is a great combination, and best worn for Chinese New Year! Both colors represent this celebration. One can match the same long vest used in look two, as the sweater has white around the neck. If you don't celebrate Chinese New Year, you can wear this to the movies since it's so comfortable.

 Hope you enjoyed this, and do you have any classic piece that you will never get rid of? An accessory that will never get out of style? Would love to hear from you! 

Happy Styling


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