Two Seasons, Two Looks But A Single Beautiful Dress!

by Patricia-Ann Que | 2017-08-31

I haven't met a woman who is not obsessed with a fashion item; it may be bags, shoes, clothes or accessories. Unfortunately (and fortunately), my obsession is not just a single fashion item but all of them! When I get a dress, I need a bag, a pair of shoes and accessories to match it exclusively and that can be very expensive, again very expensive!

My lovely partner Jason has always been supportive, but this time he feels that I have gone too much with my fashion expenses and I agree with him. Hence, we started working a budget together and I must say, after a couple of months, I'm proud that my fashion expenses has gone down and is now more reasonable.  As a reward, Jason got me this beautiful dress and I can't stop wearing it! This dress never fails to collect flattering compliments for me everywhere I go. I love it as it is unique! The asymmetrical cut of the sleeves made it easy to wear as a transitional outfit from one season to another and the two fabrics stitched together to form the dress gives me more room to be playful and artistic.

I want to wear this dress as much as I can, so I became creative with it such that I can wear it for both summer and fall and for all occasions and here's the result:

Look One: Bright Yellows for Summer

This dress is perfect for a summer event such as a garden party or a sunset date! As it is a summer look, I focus on the flower prints and the yellows to make the look vibrant and playful.  I used this wide yellow belt as I love its buckles, it coordinates well with the metals of my high heels. Keeping the theme of buckles and metals, my earrings is an oversize metal mesh from Zara and my bracelet is (again) an oversize metal bangle which gives the look its final touch.   




Look Two: Dark Greens for Fall

As we transition to fall, fashion colors transition as well into dark hues and shades and hence this time, I focus on the dark green side of the dress. The same concept as the summer, I have coordinated the look using this time my green fringe earrings from H&M. To keep it playful, I opted for my bright yellow boots and wooden yellow bracelet.



I would very much appreciate to know your thoughts about the looks and let us also inspire each other and share that one fashion item you love as we transition into seasons and how you wear it, would be great to see photos

Happy Styling


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