Wear Tie Dyes Beyond Festivals

by Patricia-Ann Que | 2017-09-08

Maxi dress is a style that is and will always be fashionable, classy and fun. Depending on the cut and material, it can be a fun summer dress or an elegant attire for special occasions. For today's article, I'm featuring a tie dye maxi from Zara that I would normally wear for summer festivals. Tie dyes just give me that hippie festive vibe, however, I ended up wearing it to a recent more formal visit to the National Arts Gallery (by accident) and here's why.

Jason and I love going to museums and we almost do it every week. This week was no different, except that I have a prior commitment that required me to wear an outdoorsy look. I have packed what I wanted to wear for the museum visit and left it in the car, and when he fetched me, I realize that I packed the wrong dress! PS I was chatting over the phone and watching Netflix while packing, yay! Jason told me just to get change and give it a try (aka no one really cares about what you wear!). And he is actually right, people will be looking at the exhibit and not to me, I just hope that the security won't find my outfit inappropriate.

And this how it looked like and I'm surprisingly happy about it:



Zara Woman


Ottawa Canada


Maxi dresses


This just proves how adaptable and practical maxis are and I didn't have to accessorize much as the dress itself is already beautiful on its own!




Tie Dyes

Would love to hear your thoughts about this! Where and when do you wear maxis? How about tie dyes, are they too casual outside festivals?

Happy Styling


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