Wine and Dine in the Sky

by | 2017-07-25

Last week I shared with you one summer activity that every Canadian knows, BBQ. And as the country continues to celebrate Canada150, it has lined up various exciting events that would definitely make your summer more fun and thrilling. This is first of the few upcoming articles that features this activities.

Trying new things, exploring new places, and meeting new people are actually activities not new to me at all. I enjoy things the most when they are unconventional and edgy. Just like the Sky Lounge, which is a dining experience 150 feet up in the sky! Hmm but I've been to the Moon Bar for dining in Bangkok where it's 660 feet high, and I've also been to Lijiang at 6,561 feet above sea level. What makes Sky Lounge new then?

The crane. Yes, I'm talking about that monstrous piece of machinery we see in construction sites.  Just imagine a full dining table lifted up in the sky by the crane. Can't picture it? This is how it looks like.


Sky Lounge


 Sky Lougne


Pretty cool, eh? And the experience itself is as cool as how it looks like! Sky Lounge offers two options: The Gourmet and The Cocktail, and I opted for the latter. My instinct cultivated from 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry tells me that this is not about the food but it is about the “lift”, and hence the name Sky Lounge I guess!

The venue was by the City Hall which was good. However, I got some information (due to popular demand) that for next year, it will be behind the Chateau Laurier where the view is better, so watch out for that!

All guests were welcomed in a tented reception area where you can acquaint yourself with other thrill seekers. This is a good idea as you definitely want to know who will be with you while suspended 150 feet up in the air! They also give you a safety briefing during this time which reminds me a bit of a scuba dive brief, as well as a chance to run to the loo! There is no way down once you are up there at least for an hour! Drinks and appetizers were served as well.

You then get to walk by pair in the red carpet as you hop on to your dining table. The staff straps you in your chair, which is an actual car racing chair that moves 40 degrees to your left and right. The lift starts to rise with a count down from everyone, but the movement was so smooth that I didn't even feel it, until I looked down and saw my feet dangling! And now the party begins!

The view is simply breath taking! The feeling of fresh air and sun, the openness and space around gives you an appreciation of the city in a new level; a new perspective. In fact, it almost made me forget about my plate and drinks till a fellow diner made a witty joke of can you please pass the salt (while were all strapped in). 




Sky Lounge


The food and drinks are good but nothing compared to the spectacular view. After a couple of drinks and finishing the cheese plate, the crane slowly brings us down. Again the movement is so smooth that you won't really feel it. I only know about it as I'm so curious to see the crane operator, I saw him pushing some buttons.

As we all got back to the ground safe and sound and a little tipsy, no doubt everyone enjoyed it! They all escorted us to another tent for last round of drinks as we finish the experience. Of course, I can't leave without meeting the crane operator for giving us this unique experience and more importantly, bringing us both up and down safe!

Here's the man of the hour:



Lastly, since this is an out of the ordinary experience, it is essential that you wear the right clothes! I opted for a blue and white striped jumpsuit since first, I won't be able to use the loo anyway which is a challenge with jumpsuits and second, it is practical! You don't want to wear a mini skirt or anything flowy as you will do a Marilyn Munroe up there for about 45 minutes. I also wore my wedge strapped sandals to ensure that it won't fall off, I don't want to be sued because my heels injured someone's head from 150 feet high! And of course the accessories! To pair it with the suit, I used my tassel blue earrings, blue and white patterned necklace and a bright red sunnies to break the blues.

Overall, I would like to do it again and will definitely be 150 feet high again next year!

Hope to see you then!

Happy Styling


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