Yellow Polka Dot... Dress!

by | 2018-06-25

Summer is almost here and what a perfect time to wear that yellow polka dot bikini as, the song goes. However, it is only almost summer so it is still a little bit too cold for that fun bikini. But in the meantime, we can still have some fun with this yellow polka dot dress! I love this maxi dress as it is not the usual black and white dots or the red and white. The yellow base just makes it perfect for summer and the most of all, I got a very good deal. I got this fun onlooker piece from Forever21. Let me know which among the three looks is the most stylish for summer! 

LOOK ONE: Easy Breezy

This is the perfect summer look! The colors are fun, easy to pack when travelling and most of all it is stylish. I made sure that my wooden earrings from Mango matches my espadrilles from Steve Madden that you have seen my last article and my favorite basket bag again featured in my last article. This just shows how accessories are so important in creating new looks!


LOOK TWO: Italian Holiday

This look somehow reminds me of an Italian Holiday vibe perhaps because of this funky yellow glasses from Forever21 that I always get complimented and the over shirt white poplin from Calvin Klein. I can imagine myself walking the pristine beaches of the Mediterranean while sipping a glass or so.


LOOK THREE: Summer Layering

This last look is somehow is my favorite as I feel that it is the most versatile! I can wear it in the evening during those cold summer nights or even in the morning on an indoor lunch date or some family brunch. I find this so practical that I have worn this look once when the weather was dark and gloomy in the morning, sunny in the noon and then wet and cold in the evening. The inner white top from Zara made it all stylish and comfy throughout the day!



Happy Styling


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